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At Cave Creek Millennia MMA, we believe hard work reaps endless rewards. Even if your goal isn’t to compete, the life skills you’ll learn through martial arts classes will benefit you in countless ways. And we want to bring these advantages to all, regardless of age or experience level. Everybody is welcome here, whether you’re on day 1 of martial arts training or day 1,000.

We pride ourselves on our mix of martial arts class offerings. MMA represents a broad range of disciplines, and we reflect that in our instruction. Muay Thai, Jiu-Jitsu, boxing, and Judo are all taught at Cave Creek Millennia MMA. Dedicated, experienced instructors are here to provide you with the necessary structure and support to set and achieve your goals. Along with martial arts, we also offer women’s self-defense courses to help provide increases sense of safety in a scary and dangerous world.

Mixed Martial Arts Instructors

Here at Cave Creek Millennia MMA, our staff is the secret to our student success. Each instructor has a rich background in the MMA industry and is eager to train the next generation of martial artists. Meet the team below!

Black Belt | Owner and Head Instructor
Black Belt | Instructor

Cave Creek Millennia MMA

Our History

Originally established in 1999, Millennia MMA has grown to be one of the most reputable mixed martial arts affiliations on the West Coast. Based in Southern California, Millennia MMA has produced numerous championship fighters from around the globe. Cave Creek Millennia MMA is proud to be the newest Millennia affiliate, bringing top quality mixed martial arts classes to Cave Creek, Arizona and the surrounding Phoenix metropolitan area.

Cave Creek founder Josh Halstead has a long history with martial arts. Halstead has been training and teaching for over 25 years and recently earned the Kru title in Muay Thai. After helping to open a martial arts school in California years ago, Halstead relocated to Phoenix and assisted local Checkmat gyms with their training. And now, after more than two decades of sharpening his skills, he gets to fulfill his dream of owning his own MMA school. Along with his martial arts experience, Halstead is also a retired special agent in the Department of Justice. This gives him an additional perspective on combat and self-defense that contributes to his unique teaching at Cave Creek Millennia MMA.

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